Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Baby

Supplies needed are as follows:

You will need Cindas Template and this is in her xmas templates and its template01. Her templates are awsome. thanks Cin ay.

Tube of choice, the art im using is Ismael Racs and you can get his tubes at AMI

Ok lets make our tag. This is not a hard tag to make. Open the template and delete the cr layer and background layer.

Get your bigger tube or image and copy and paste as a new layer and place this in the white frame. Place to your liking and then go to selections select all then modify by 4 and then selections invert and on your tube layer press delete. Now copy and paste the smaller tube and place to your liking on your tag. Now all you need to do is dress your tag up by making new layers and adding patterns or just changing the colours of the template. Add some sparkles or glitters, anything you like ay. I also added a wee heart to the tube and then put the name on the tube too. Just something a bit different ay. To finish the tag off you might like to add a mask or you can do what i did. I duplicated the circle and then added guassian blur of 15 then added VM Extravaganza, transmission at 4. Now just add your name and cr. All finished. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. hugs Suz

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