Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dance with Me

Supplies needed are as follows:

Scrapkit of choice the one im using belongs
to Tamara of Just A Girls Designs its called
Midnight Seranade and omg its an adorable
kit, love the wee kitties ay. thanks Tamara.

Template belongs to Vix and you can get this
at her blog its template 04 Vixs blog.

Mask belongs to Vix too and you can get that
at her tut site under the goodie section
Vixs tutorials its mask 148.

Artwork used belongs to Suzanne Woolcott
you can purchase her tubes at her site.

Ok lets make our tag ay. Open Vixs template
and delete the cr layer, I also deleted the wording
layers as well.
Now this is an easy tut ay. All you really have to
do is select each circle layer and make a new layer and use one of the papers from the kit as your
preferred background ok. Do this for all three layers. I then just used another paper for the outer circles set at size 5 ok. Now just place the skyline2 element where you want and resize
to 60%. then just grab your magic wand and click inside the outer cirle of the middle circle and
go to selections modify by 2 then selections invert and make sure you are on the skyline layer
and press delete on your keyboard. Now just start adding other embellishments from the kit. I
added the cute kitty and the keyboard and the moon. Just make it how you want it to look ay.
Now all you have to do now is make a new layer above the white background layer and then
add your mask ay. Now add your cr and your name. I also added the wording Dance with me
all night long.
hope you enjoyed this wee tut ay.
Hugs Suz


What you will find here

Ive set up this blog for tuts i make from others scrapkits and also tuts i make
from Ismael Racs art ay. Hope you enjoy the tuts i will have here. Have fun cos
thats what psp is all about.
hugs Suz